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Capri TS

Reviews for the Capri TS

Relaxing in the sun shine on board
Ideal for two. Nice boat to experience your first control of a boat. Missed not having hot water first thing in the morning as the engine had cooled down and water also.
We did the Belgium Capital Cruise. Some highlights include our first lock. The first night when we slept on the side of the canal. We loved going by barges, small towns, big cities, and more. The arrival into Ghent was amazing.
We loved the little boat. Perfect for two adults. The onboard toilet was good and clean. It was surprisingly roomy and comfortable. We found plenty of showering opportunities at the various marinas we stayed at. We stayed at Flandria and Portus Ghanda. Both were excellent. Spend the extra to have them clean the boat for you. Definitely worth it not to have to scrub the decks. You've already spent a certain amount, don't short change yourself now.
This was one of the best vacations we ever took. 5 mph down the Thames - scenery, towns, people were all great. We loved Wallingford (just down from Benson), Marlowe (our turn-around point), Henley and Pangbourne on Thames. In each town, we found a lot to do, and one or more great pubs/restaurants. Were a little nervous at first about the locks, but we soon got that process down pat (even locked through by ourselves when the lockkeeper was at lunch).
Nice boat. We had a little issue early on with getting the heat to work (vacation was in mid-October), but the crew from Benson found us in Henley and replaced the boat's batteries to fix the problem. This boat is just right for a couple cruising the Thames