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Reviews for the Classique

the beautiful countryside and quaint little towns we visited. The canal was not crowded and for the most part, the people were friendly
the boat itself was nothing special as it was difficult to steer when there was wind and you were traveling at slow speed (which you do a lot). Other than that, the boat provided what we needed.
Memorable is the word. It rained every day. That being said, even if the weather was fine, the experience would have been sub-par. It is just not a venue worth travelling across an ocean and spending a week on a boat. There were few areas of interest on the river, few restaurants of note and few experiences worth the bother. However, I will say that the lock masters were terrific-helpful, patient and just plain friendly.
The boat was a disaster. Each window in each stateroom leaked. We had to sleep in a small portion of the bunk to avoid sleeping on the wet mattress. The boat had a moldy odor, was less than clean and the heads and showers were were so very small. We have much experience with boat handling, but this boat was impossible. It didn't turn, had little power and was a nightmare under way.
See following which is a letter I was about to post regarding some problems on my cruise.
I am writing to you as a fairly regular customer on the Canal du Midi as this year I was a little disappointed in my one way trip from Casternaudary to Port Cassafieres, and I feel you ought to know about it. I collected two boats on Saturday 3rd August, a Classique and a Crusader. Some of my guests were a little late on arriving on the Saturday and we could not therefore leave their car for transporting to Port Cassafieres until the Sunday. However, we could not have left Castelnaudary on the Saturday anyway because there was some doubt about whether the refrigerator on the Crusader was working (as it happened it was, but was on the wrong setting) and the pump to clear the water from one of showers at the back of the Crusader was also not working. This was not corrected by late morning on the Sunday and we therefore had to leave with it still not working. However, this was not the real problem. Having previously cruised several times between Port Cassafieres and Castelnaudary I had always found time to visit some of the local towns, Carcassonne, Capestang, and others but this time we were dramatically held up at at least two of the locks at the beginning of our cruise. At one we arrived at 8.30.a.m. and found that we were 14th and 15th in the queue. We eventually got through at 12.15.p.m. At the very next lock which we arrived at at about 1.15.p.m. we eventually got through at about 5.30.p.m. That meant that we had effectively lost a day. I telephoned Port Cassafieres to advise them that if this was typical there was no way we would arrive on Saturday 10th. I spoke to a very pleasant lady who rang me back on the Friday to see where I was. In fact by hardly seeing any of the towns and by cruising most of the day we arrived in Port Cassafieres by 9.00. a.m. on the Saturday. Fortunately most of the remainder of the locks were busy but we were not kept waiting an excessive time at any of them. This was not what I was expecting and I had invited 12 of my family so that they could enjoy not only the cruising but also the towns and scenery. On the other hand, I have to say that all your staff were obliging, courteous and helpful in the extreme.
We have been cruising before on Lot in 2002. The boat this time did not live up to the standard. The refrigerator did functiong only when motor was running as 220v could not be used when not operating due to strenght of battery.
We went with West Highland Sailing. There was a small problem in findingg their base, the sign to Laggan Locks off the A82 leads to the opposite side of the lock from the base! However that was sion put right. The boat was well presented and we got aboard soon after lunchtime after a very good briefing. We slowly cruised from there as far as Inverness, fortunately finding Loch Ness in pieceful mood. The locks were easy and the lockkeepers friendly and helpful. It would have helped if I had realised at the outset that you should go to the side of the lock that the lockkeeper is standing. Sadly the good weather broke after out first two days, but you must expect rain in Scotland! We had two problems, the fiorst with the engine stalling on using the bowthruster when at tick-over and the other with a loo blocking [not our fault I hasten to say] On each occasion an engineer arrived very promptly and put things right. My party consisted of myself [86], my sister [92], siter-in-law [84] and my daughter , nephew and neice. On the whole the young managed the ropes and the old ones enjoyed the view [and did the washing up]. Everyone enjoyed themselves despite the rain. The staff were all very pleasant and helpful.
Well presented and clean. There were one or two leaks during the heaviest rain, but nothing that couldn't be managed.