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Royal Classique

Reviews for the Royal Classique

3 couples on board, 4 of us were boaters, two had done french canals before. Expected relaxation, nice countryside and good food.
Ideal for 3 couples. Standard of fit out and cleanliness was good. But most important of all, all the boat systems worked ( I own a boat so know about mechanical and electrical breakdowns!). The only tiniest criticism is that the rubbing strake (bumper bar) around the boat had been much used, leaving the metal strip exposed, which would make a scratch on another boat with just the slightest contact. Needs replacing/repairing, or at least add a roaming (spare) fender for those tricky mooring berths. We were advised to fill up with water every other day but, being boaters, we knew how to conserve water so used much less than a quarter of a tank per day i.e. could go 4-5 days between fill-ups easily.
The boat was fantastic - the weather was fantastic - we'll never forget the crop irrigation system that was over the river that cooled us down!
Great space for the 4 of us - very well equipped
We had an awesome time. BBQ in the middle of the countryside, cycling into town, cheese wine and local preserves for lunch, walking around medieval villages.
I was disappointed in the boat and I feel the boat orientation tour could have been a bit more detailed. We were constantly concerned about how long our water and power would last and what drained the battery more. I was also quite badly burned one morning in the shower and our frends flushed the toilet leaving me under the shower with only boiling hot water which actually reduced me to tears and let me with scald marks on my face & chest! We were not warned about that. Because we had bicycles on the front, we couldn't use the inside steering position as the bicycles obscured the view so our day of cruising in the rain was not very pleasant. The steering on the boat was terrible and made our cruise a little stressful. There was far to much play on the steering and took great skill to get through the narrow bridges.
Great holiday that organized by Nicole - base manager and her team. Very comfortable boat and amazing nature together with fishing, good weather makes it fantastic.
First week of June 2013. From rain ridden Germany into sunny Petite Camargue. It was our third cruising with Le Boat in that region, and we enjoyed every bit of it. Found an extremely friendly and efficient Le Boat reception staff at the Saint Gilles base. The boat itself (Royal Classique) was technically in top condition, and remarkably clean, nothing to complain about.
Royal Classique. Top boat for the six (three couples) of us, and in extremely good condition.