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Reviews for the Sheba

Spent 2 weeks on board, stopping at all villages and towns along the way for up to 2 days. The trip was relaxing, peaceful, very interesting and rewarding. Only two people on board can be difficult when it came to boat handling at the locks, but soon developed a workable system. Late afternoons among the plane trees lining the banks was magical
Enjoyed the boat and facilities, enough space for two comfortably, any more would be a little crowded. Steering the boat was difficult at times due to indirectness of steering mechanism.
Lunch with visiting friends, on the boat, in the autumn sun.....
This boat is very difficult to handle, particularly at low speed, as response to the rudder is somewhat delayed and forces over-reaction. All systems worked but the overall maintenance condition was very poor (p.ex. shredded mooring lines, broken table top, hatch lock inoperable, defective heating controls etc) and meagre on-board implements (p.ex. no cutting board, minute bathroom mirror unusable by anybody shorter than 1.65 (5'6").
Gliding through the forest lined water way.
The boat must have been used in a bumper boat/car contest. The rail showed several collision-caused bends and the hull was abound with scuff marks and scratches. Onetime a dock neighbor inquired if I caused all of that. The boat is very sluggish at slow speed. It takes a fair amount of wheel movement to stay clear of obstacles. It takes six full turns from hard over left to hard over right. When it rained there was a considerable leak from the hatch. The accommodations for two people were adequate and nice.
Very relaxing way to see the countryside. Going down in the Arzviller lift
The boat was very comfortable, well equipped and with plenty of storage space. Not too keen on the hatch entry which had to be closed every time anyone went below. There was also a problem with the door which kept coming apart and had previously been held together with tape.
We were not so lucky with the weather; 4 days rain and 3 days hot. We learned a lot although I can run a ski-boat, tugboats and small cargo-ships, but locks are a good learning school ! Also why it is not good to have two captains on a ship ;-)) Your marriage must be good and stay that after this holiday. We learned a lot of the time that went on a lot slower and the France diners are good.
The Sheba is a good boat with plenty room for two people. One minor point is a chair for the captain. Our chair upstairs was not good at all and below there was no chair or it must be a small something.