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Reviews for the Tango

Loved the scenery, especially the Sielle. La Truchere was our favorite stopover.
It was fine for two people. We overpacked, and used the 2nd bedroom as our closet.
Boating on the Thames most amazing holiday ever , lovely to wake up on the river banks. All the beautiful sights we discovered are all on our door step in beautiful Great Britain. In past visited Cuba Mexico New York Florida hotels all inclusive very luxury holidays and this was one of our best holidays
Amazing excellent lovely spacious boat clean comfortable perfect for family . Can't rate the boat high enough
The scenery is majestic! With each curve of the river, another breath taking view is exposed. There is no trash to distrack from the beauty of the area, not even after a heavy rainstorm. Touring the cave drawings was outstanding, however, the winery was by far, outstanding. Tasting the flavor of fresh fruit and vegetabloes purchased at the markets was fantastic. That experience made me want to have my own garden, because nothing ever tasted as wonderful.
The boat was fresh, clean and pleasant. I think boat cushions should be provided in the rental. We only had juice size glasses and wished we had something to put mixed drinks or cokes in to drink. The boarding board was way too heavy to use and it would have been very helpful to have had one to use along the banks.
Tango. We have hired one before. Very good but needed tumbler glasses for beers and soft drinks. Leak on window seal over bed.
Most memorable - mooring next to Pont Valentre and seeing the light change as the sun set and as we dined on salad nicoise up top deck. What a photo op it was to be so close to that historic bridge!!! Also fun was getting to know couples along the way.
The Tango is easy to maneuver and has a comfortable interior and spacious layout. Since it was just the two of us we had plenty of room. It was extremely hot, so we could have used air conditioning. But, who wants to stay inside the boat during the day anyway? Fortunately, evenings were cool.