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The Sunshine Cruise

Canal du Midi, France

Return Trip: Port Cassafières, via Narbonne

Allow 7 to 14 nights

Two gorgeous regions — Mediterranean beaches and lush wine country — captivate the soul and please the senses.

based on 5 reviews
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Reviews for the The Sunshine Cruise

The villages and countryside. Learning to operate the boat and the challenges of negotiating the locks.
Beziers, Capestang and La Somail were the highlights
I would again thank you for you wonderful help, it was one of the better holidays of our lifetime and that is saying something given the holidays we have taken. The staff at Port Cassifieres were fantastic, exceptionally helpful and friendly.
We will definitely be doing this again, my husband is hooked. (and I quite liked it as well!!) The only port we had difficulty at was Palavas and that was because the people there refused to speak English at all, and laughed at any English speaking people who tried to speak French. Not only us but several other Le Boat customers were treated appallingly there. As opposed to the Captain at Aigue Mortes who was brilliant. My wheelchair had broken, in limited French with lots of hand waving we were able to tell him the problem and he immediately arranged for someone to come out to us from the town council with tools to help mend it, and they would not take any payment.
It was very beautiful
Béziers, Le Somail, Homps, Narbonne
Many life long memories created during this week! we were complete novices and found getting through Locks very challenging. I fell in the canal at the first stop- hilarious in retrospect but not at the time- I was stepping from the boat to the jetty to tie us up and the boat drifted outwards- the canal was not a pleasant place to be- our camera did not benefit from the experience! That day cost us an expensive camera and my husband's glasses which departed from his face when I threw a rope at him- c'est la vie!! Coming back we 'parked' our boat a little too close to the lock gates and as the water in the lock went down- the back of our boat remained wedged on the wooden gate- the front of the boat tipped down and all was not well! A rather angry lock keeper had to refill the lock so we could get our boat free and start the process all over again. Again- a great dinner party story now- but at the time serious stuff! Perhaps a little more instruction about getting through this challenging lock system would have helped- it looked very easy for everyone else!!
Apart from the dreaded lock system, we had lovely days chugging along through beautiful countryside and stopping at little villages, eating magnificent crusty French bread and drinking superb red wine. Had a lovely day watching a petanque tournament and just people watching. Really enjoyed walking along beside the canal and just watching the world go by. We only used the bikes once, would not take them if we went again.
An excellent holiday, enhanced by excellent weather and travelling up - and down the locks at Fonseranes and visiting the old city at Carcassonnes
We cruised through every type of environment imaginable, urban and semi urban territory, vast areas of vineyards and agricultural territory and most attractive and friendly villages where supplies could be purchased and cafes and restaurants could be frequented at very reasonable prices