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Canal du Midi

South of France

Luxuriate in the laid-back charm of beautiful Canal du Midi

When you choose Canal du Midi boating holidays, you’re set to savour the slow easy pace of travel, past lush vineyards in the heart of the Languedoc wine region. You can enjoy wine tasting, cycling, and sightseeing at medieval villages and ancient fortress cities all the way from bustling Toulouse to the golden sands of the Mediterranean Sea!
Great for... 
  • Listed as a World Heritage Site
  • Pretty waterside villages
  • Sun-drenched vineyards & wine tasting
  • Medieval Town of Carcassonne
  • Waterside restaurants & local markets

Reviews for Canal du Midi cruises

Perfect from start to finish. We've been on several Le Boat trips, and loved them all.
Good route. My wife and I had done most of it before, but this time loved showing it to friends.
I was not impressed with your office staff at Homps. The formal takeover was fine but neither of the two female staff ever smiled and the larger one seemed fairly lazy. Usually your staff at Castelnaudary, Trebes, Chatel Sensoir, Migenne and Cassafiere have been most helpful and eager to help but not at Homps. What a pity.the boat was fine just what we wanted and the trip was lovely in fine weather - pity about some of the staff
We had a great time. The canal due midi was very beautiful and the boat was well equipped.
We all had a great time. We may do it again!
Poor pre-cruise inspection. Several technical issues arose, leading to long waits for technicians and delays in cruising time.
Nice trip through an interesting part of France. We enjoyed visiting the small towns & especially Carcasonne. The start was less than we expected, however.
Nice trip, but we were very dissapointed in the start. We arrived at Port Cassafieres mid afternoon. We were tired, hungry and thirsty from our trip to get there. We had to wait and wait and wait. There was a restaurant next door but it was closed. What closed???? There were 15 or 20 people waiting for their boats. We all sat there like fools waiting for our boat. It is out in the country so there is no place to go. Why could not a little consideration be given to customers? Or were we just a bother to you? We were not able to board our boat until about 8:00 PM. By that time were so hungry, tired, thirsty and angry that we would have left if there had been anywhere to go. Having the restaurant there, but closed, it seemed that you were taunting us. The experience was dreadful and I would not recommend it to anyone. Of course, your office people left and locked up about 6:00 PM. Ugh!!!