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The Holland Cruise


Reviews for the The Holland Cruise

Terrific boating, very varied cruising from narrow and picturesque to wide and exciting. Huge lakes, lots of big ocean-going barges and a huge variety of styles of boats on the water. People very friendly.
Go North initially, Friesland was fantastic, before making your way towards Strand-Horst. Lots of villages to visit. The bikes came in useful. It was worth going by train from Weesp to Amsterdam for the day, 20 mins by train.
We flew in to Amsterdam and then drove to Woudsend to see more of the country. We then cruised south and dropped the boat off at Strand-Horst and spent a day at Kerkenhof which was spectacular. We specifically planned our trip around tulip season and weren't disappointed. However, we didn't see any tulips until we were at the end of the trip. They only bloom in certain areas, and we were not aware of that. We felt we saw a lot of the country, going from north to south. We started out in layers of clothes and ended up in shorts and t-shirts! We had a wonderful experience with all the LeBoat staff. They were extremely courteous and went "above and beyond" to help make our trip and experience with LeBoat the best it could be.
We saw a lot of farmland and stopped in most villages along the way where we found people to be extremely nice and helpful and the villages to be quaint. We love that everything in Holland revolves around boating. This is our third LeBoat trip, and all have been wonderful. We find it a great way to see another country and get to meet the "real" people...not just see the tourist areas.
We traveled with our entire family (13) ages 5 through 72 for one week on two boats. It was an experience of a lifetime for the children and grandchildren to be an active part of this journey. We generally traveled for about 4-5 hours each day, and then enjoyed the towns where we moored for the night. The bike rentals were a great addition as they were always in use. We found the accommodations to be clean and strategically located where ever we stopped. The maps were a great help and the scenery was outstanding. No problem at all with the language anywhere. We enjoyed visiting the local stores ( bakery, grocery and outside cafe's). The Boats contained all that we needed and we never had to worry about refueling or adding water. It was an outstanding vacation for all of us!
We stopped at the small town of Sloten on our first night and fell in love with it. We hated to leave , but our time required us to move on to Echtenerbrug and then through the Weeribben National Park to Steenwijk. Then to Giethorn, the Venice of Holland. We travelled to Genemuiden, Kampen,,beautiful Elburg, Harderwijk and then to Strand Horst. We went through locks, under bridges and through some of the prettiest scenic country anywhere. Lots of wild life and farm animals. Our reccommendation would be to enjoy every mile of the trip and take your time---you will make it to your destination with time to spare!