The Best Traditional Food of Germany

Traditional German Food You Should Try

Traditional German food is usually associated with heavy and lardy meat dishes.. Many Germans still enjoy their hearty meals which usually comprise of meat and animal by-products such as milk and butter. Over the centuries the trade along the waterways and new methods of cultivation eventually helped improvise Germany’s traditional dishes. Here’s what you can sample in Germany today to get an authentic taste of the country.


A delicious Bavarian roast pork or ham hock served with a side of potatoes and cooked vegetables. A classic, but definitely a good one!



You’ll find these delectable German sausages everywhere in the country and they come in the biggest variety of flavours you can imagine. Created in Nuremberg in the 14th century the Bratwurst can be made from either beef, pork or veal.



A rich pot roast of meat that is marinated for days before heating up and serving.  Every region has their own take on the sauce that is dependent on the herbs, spices and produce available.



One of the few traditional dishes that do not include meat, spätzle is a type of noodle made form eggs and flour! It can be eaten alone with onions or with a side of meat.



Literally translated as mouth pockets these unique dumpling styled pastries originate from Swabia in the South of Germany. While traditionally filled with meats and meat by-products there are variety of options that cater for vegetarians too. This specialty is now protected and can only be made according to its traditional guidelines in Swabia. This is one unique German dish you’ll want to try.



Now what is trip to Germany without some sweets to end off those hearty meals? This glazed chocolate cake will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth as it’s inlaid with creamy chocolate layers!



Also known as potato pancakes, these were once a favourite snack served up by the peasants during the medieval ages. These deep fried potatoes are mixed with onions, flour and eggs and served with apple sauce for a sweet touch. Definitely a dish to try for breakfast.



A popular cake made around the Christmas period, this is another dessert to delight those with a sweet tooth. Made up of dried candied fruits, nuts and spices it is rolled up and covered in powdered sugar.

stolen cake


Ready to strap on the leiderhosen and eat your way through Germany?