Renting vs Buying a Boat

To rent or to buy, that is the question! Owning a property is far more favourable than renting one, but is it the same case for boats?

Life is better on a boat; forget about your worries as you glide along the glistening waters, the fresh breeze tousling through your hair and warm sun beaming over you. Cruising is an ideal way to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, creating a lifetime of memories that you can look back on for years to come. It’s also perfect if you need a bit of me ‘me time’. Take that well-needed break from everyday life and enjoy your cruise at a pace that suits you, whether a short three-night break or a two-week getaway. 

Le Boat Ownership

Choosing whether to buy a boat of your own or to stick with rental can be a difficult decision to make; we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide which option is best for you.

Renting a Boat


  • Affordability: Not everyone has the money to buy a boat outright. Renting a boat is a convenient alternative that you allows you to book your cruising holidays as and when you can afford to.
  • Commitment: If you’re new to the world of boating, it’s worth test-driving a few different boats to see which best suits you. Even if you’re a boating expert, you may like a change from time to time! It’s also a great option if your party-size varies from one holiday to the next; one holiday can be a romantic getaway for two, the next can be a holiday with all the family (including the dog!). Take a virtual tour round the newest additions to our fleet, the Horizons! 
  • Maintenance: When your holiday comes to an end, you will most definitely be sorry to give your boat back. On the plus side you can say goodbye without the dread of any tedious chores - no cleaning, no maintenance, no problems!
  • International Travel: If one of the goals on your bucket list is to travel the world, boat rental is a fun and unique way of ticking this off! Be spontaneous and choose your next holiday from our destinations list with your eyes closed! Let your next adventure commence without being restricted to one region or having to trailer your boat to new waters.


  • Availability: We all know how difficult it can be to find a date when everyone is free to get together, let alone multiple days! Plus, there always seems to be someone who changes their mind just before the booking is about to be made. Waiting for the usual suspects to confirm their attendance can be a pain, especially when you want to book early to secure your preferred boat and dates…at least you always have our last minute bookings to fall back on!
  • Long-term cost: If you rent a boat more than twice a year, it may more economical for you to buy a boat of your own! Le Boat’s ownership programme has some fantastic benefits, keep reading to find out more!
  • Organisation: You will most definitely need to get organised before you rent your boat! Writing a list before you go will be essential to make sure you don’t forget any holiday essentials such as a fuse adapter for your hair dryer and phone charger!

The Le Boat Ownership Programmes


  • Availability: We Brits’ know that when the sun is shining, it MUST to be taken advantage of! The Le Boat Ownership Programmes allow you to book holidays using points that you are allocated at the beginning of the year. Low season bookings - which are usually when the schools haven’t broken up for the holidays - use less points meaning that you can book more holiday for a smaller number of points.
  • Guaranteed income: Instead of paying to rent your boat, we pay you a guaranteed monthly income of 7% per annum, regardless of charter activity. 
  • Expert up-keep: We will take care everything! Le Boat will insure, clean, maintain and moor your boat at no extra cost, meaning that all your time can be spent cruising!
  • Buyback: After 7 years you can decide whether you want to keep your boat, sell it back to us or extend the programme.
  • Cruise anywhere: Every year you can enjoy an average of 8 weeks cruising time on your boat or a sister ship in any of our 17 destinations. With 9 countries to choose from (including Canada!) you can travel without limits. Gift some of your points to your friends and family to spend cruising - even if you can't join them!


  • Maintenance: Maintaining, repairing and cleaning a boat can be expensive, time consuming and quite frankly, a bit of a chore! Just like a car, your boat will need to be used regularly, meaning that even in colder weathers boats need to be taken out. The Le Boat Ownership Programmes take care of maintenance, cleaning and insurance, which might take a little getting used to, but you’ll soon get used to all the extra time you’ll have to spend on the water


The Le Boat Ownership Programmes are based on a simple buying-hiring principle with some fantastic advantages that renting doesn’t offer. Become the owner of a beautiful new boat which Le Boat will rent and take care of whilst receiving a guaranteed fixed monthly income! To find out more call our Ownership team today on 0330 332 1933.