Why a Le Boat Holiday is Perfect for couples

While boating holidays are always fun with a group of family or friends, did you now it can also offer the perfect romantic holiday? What better way than to glide past beautiful pastoral scenery while marvelling at old architecture with that someone special? Here’s why we think a Le Boat holiday is the perfect romantic escape:

The Scenery

All of the waterways take you along and between the lesser explored side of the country. You are bound to come across acres of farm lands that sprawl out into the horizon creating those perfect vistas under the summer sun. Sundowners is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things you can celebrate every night on your Le Boat trip with nothing but the gentle breeze and silence of the waterways to help you escape your worries.

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Fairytale Towns

While some cruises take you through some of the major cities, the waterways will inevitably lead you onto the smaller and lesser known towns. These quaint towns date back to the Middle Ages and they still maintain that romantic charm with their cobblestoned streets and turreted castles that makes you instantly feel like the magic of a fairytale could be real.

Fairytale Town



There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic on the waterside. With a Le Boat holiday you can simply choose where to moor and spread your blanket under the shade.

Enjoy a picnic by your boat


Flower Fields

Venture off onto the cycling paths or walking trails and you’ll be surprised to find some beautiful flower fields in full bloom during the late spring and summer months. Be sure to bring that camera…and the wine of course.

Flowers and cycling


It’s about the Journey

A romantic Le Boat trip offer those on board a real sense of accomplishment as you cruise and manage your way through unknown territory. A barging holiday is something that can also test one’s ability to work in a team while you cruise in wonder at the beauty of the world. It is undoubtedly a bonding experience and also an unforgettable one.

Enjoying the journey


Wining and Dining

You will get to visit charming restaurants in the beautiful towns and cities along the way. You can expect a quiet table for two or a bustling town square filled with the lively sounds of laughter and outdoor music.

Wine and dine


Are you ready for romance on the waterways? Book your holiday now!

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