The best boating holiday destinations for water sport

Our top recommendations for water sport lovers

Water sport enthusiasts flock to Germany’s Lake Muritz, a network of more than 1,000 lakes where you can rent dinghies, windsurfers, canoes and kayaks. The crystal-clear waters are also great for dropping the anchor and taking a dip! Other top water sport destinations include Douelle on the River Lot, where canoeing and kayaking are popular, or Sneek in Holland, home to a fantastic water sport centre. You can rent a small boat at a number of other stops and in other regions as well.

Rideau Canal, Canada

Jet ski in Canada

Expansive lakes and crystal clear waters make Canada the perfect playground for water sport aficionados. Whether it is full-throttle jet skiing or slowing the pace and gently paddling the day away in a traditional Canadian canoe, head to Canada's Rideau Lakes and find something for everyone.

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Mecklenburg & Brandenburg, Germany

Water sports in Germany

In the heart of the beautiful Muritz National Park, scenic Lake Muritz and its network of 1000 or more lakes is a perfect destination for water sport enthusiasts. Rent dinghies, windsurfers, canoes and kayaks for fun on the water, or simply go for a refreshing swim.

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Lot, France

Water sports on the Lot

The lazy River Lot is a perfect place to rent canoes to explore the banks, which you may rent by the hour at many locations. It is possible, at certain rental locations, to arrange transport up river and take your time drifting back downstream with the current. Waterskiing is possible very near to Cahors for beginners or experienced skiers. They also have the ride on ringo for children and are fully equipped with life jackets.

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Holland & Friesland, Netherlands

Water sports in Holland

Friesland, in northern Holland, is one of the biggest areas of inland lakes in Europe. From our base in Hindeloopen, head for the coast to Stavoren, the oldest city of Friesland, which offers lots of seaside fun and is a hugely popular water sport town. Further north in Workum, on the banks of Lake Ijsse, you can also go kite surfing. Don’t forget to head to Sneek in August for Sneek Week where the town’s reputation as the ‘capital of boating’ really comes to life.

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