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The Golden Midi Cruise

Canal du Midi, France

Reviews for the The Golden Midi Cruise

Fue un viaje en familia donde todos la pasamos felices. Al ser la primera vez que viajamos en un canal no se disfruto tanto como si uno tuviera previa la experiencia de un viaje de esa naturaleza. Pero la experiencia fue inigualable.
Un viaje que hicimos en 7 días por ser la primera vez. La próxima vez haría en el mismo tiempo y recorrido más pequeño para poder maximizar el tiempo conociendo lugares en el canal.
Very helpful and communication was easy.
Great way to have a relaxing break- a slow cruise down a beautiful part of France. Two weeks on board a Vision 3 with just about everything we needed provided. The people from Le Boat were easy to deal with and our boat extra comfortable. Perhaps some more information on some of the 'tight' spots our craft needed to pass through would have been worthwhile but as an overall experience was great.
The contact with Le Boat was excellent all the way - from making the reservasjon and until we left the boat! Very exact and good information about everything before - under and after the trip. We have used Le Boat twice before and would gladly recommend the company.
This was our second cruise on the Canal du Midi. (1999 and 2016). We had a Salsa B which had enough space and comfort for 7 persons. We enjoyed the cruise very much though the traffic had increased since our first trip. But the landscape is the same and we enjoyed our meals both in the boat and at restaurants on the way. In La Redorte, Intermarché brought our provisions to the boat for free. A bit difficult to find water if we stopped a bit late in the evening. Then there was no place to find near the water.
LeBoat fantastic to deal with in Australia and kept us uptodate with with any info for our trip.
Our boat was very clean and but was not ready to go when we arrived. Our initial book in was a bit rushed as office closed for a couple of hours around midday and heaps of people waiting for office to open. The rest of the world does not work on French hours. Office should be open from 8-5pm. Staff just fantastic and very helpful and made us very welcome.
What we enjoyed about Le Boat Service:Setting up and reserving our boat/route was very easy. Le Boat was also excellent at setting up the cabs/transport to and from the boat basins and answering transport questions. There port facilities along the Midi Canal were quite nice and had everything we needed. The information binders were very helpful in mapping out our days and our destinations.Le Boat seemed to us, to have the nicest fleet of boats on the canal and seemed to have the best services.The Not so Perfect parts: We paid for an early check-in. When we arrived at the Le Boat basin in Castelnaudary, we were told that they were not ready to check-in and we were invited to wait 10-15 minutes until they were ready. Less than 10 minutes later, another couple came in and asked to be checked in (no early check-in purchased) and the same woman proceeded to help them - we were sitting in her line of sight. We thought this was unprofessional and not the best customer service. We also were never given the key to our boat safe. When requested, the Castelnaudary team said they would try to find one. They were unable to find one and we were without use of this portion of our boat.We paid for the BBQ in advance. When we arrived at the boat, the BBQ was not on board and the team had forgotten to include it. They said they hoped they had one left. They did find one, if we hadn't thought to check, we wouldn't have received what we had paid for in advance.
It was my husband's and my 2nd Le Boat vacation on the Midi Canal (this time with his family) and we all had truly memorable trip. I've recommended a Le Boat vacation to our friends and would probably do yet another Le Boat vacation in a different destination. You are totally mobile - but you only unpack once! It's a great active vs. passive vacation.
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The Le Boat Team
Many thanks for your feedback. We are sorry for the inconvenience that was caused by your late departure and missing items. Your comments are important to us and will help us improve our operations and services. We hope to welcome you back onboard soon!