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The Celtic Cruise


Reviews for the The Celtic Cruise

They were always prompt and helpful when assistance and guidance needed, for example we were arriving later than what we intended to arrive because we wanted to make a extra stop on our way to the port and the Le Boat staff guided us through contacting the port office and setting it up for us to arrive late with zero worries.
I could not express enough how the customer service at Portumna's Le Boat in Ireland was the best I have ever experienced. They consistently went above and beyond with a true smile and genuine friendliness to make me feel like I was on vacation and should have no worries. We realized too late that we left my suitcase of clothes back home in the States and I had to have it shipped to me, and the staff at Portumna made that experience not a bad one at all, they were above and beyond helpful. One could not be upset while in the presence of the whole crew at Portumna because they were just so kind, they exulted calmness.
Everything about this rental was fantastic.Would recommend the company.For us everything was good.From the moment of arrival to our return it was wonderful.The staff, Gina and Tim, were so friendly and helpful.The boat, the training, navigation information all great.
As stated above all was good with this rental
Travelling up Lough Ree on a beautiful sunny afternoon with a strong southerly wind cruising the channels through the Carnadoe reed beds
Amongst the very many delights along the way, my favourite places are the Carnadoe waters/lakes including Grange and Kilglass. Also Lough Key, the Camlin river and Richmond Harbour are absolute musts
Wonderful atmosphere, enchanting landscapes, charming villages and towns, the locks crossings and finally the absolute silence.