Boating holidays with dogs

Dog friendly boating holidays

Your dog is welcome on board!

Every year, pet owners ask themselves, “What should I do with my beloved dog when I go on holiday?” Well we have the answer - Take your dog with you on a boating holiday! You will find no better alternative because with Le Boat – dogs are very welcome! A boating holiday with your dog, family and friends offers you the fast way to slow down, relaxing moments and something a bit different from everyday life - all at once. Explore your surroundings and take a new walk every day: That’s what both dog owners and their pets love!

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Our recommendations for a boating holiday with a dog

Vacations with dogs

Dogs love nature and running around. Swim, run, jump – on a boating holiday everything is possible, just moor up and let your dog have fun. You can even use the swim vests* to make sure your dog is safe when paddling.

Your doggy should feel comfortable, at home and safe on board. Take your dog’s favourite belongings along with you: Their bowl, blanket and favourite toy.

*swim vests not provided.

Which destinations are dog-friendly?

Which destinations are dog-friendly?

All of our destinations welcome dogs. Long walks are possible along the towpath right beside the canals in France and adventures await you and your dog in the woods of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg. The Thames has lots of dog-friendly pubs where you can dine with your best friend by your side - perfect for if you're planning a staycation.

Which boat model is suitable for a dog?

Which boat model is suitable for a dog?

If you have a small dog, the boat type is not necessary for your decision. You can easily carry your doggy on and off board. With a bigger dog, you need to make sure that your dog can easily jump on and off the boat on its own. You might prefer to have the salon and cabin on the same level, without any stairs.


We can recommend: Salsa, Tango, Calypso and all boats of the Vision Series

Bring Your Dog

Pet cleaning supplement

Pet supplement: £55 per pet


A boating adventure is the perfect kind of holiday to take your four-legged friend on. A maximum of two dogs are welcome on board each boat. A pet cleaning supplement applies. 

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