Compare our boats and find the right one for your crew!

We have over 50 boat models to choose from which means we can cater to pretty much every party size, budget and expectation.

Boats for families and groups of all sizes

Horizon 4 deckplan

These are our newest boats with a large saloon and kitchen at rear and the cabins are clustered together at the front. Very large sundecks for sunbathing and al fresco dining.

Example boat deck plan: Horizon 4 

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
Horizon 5 & Horizon 5 PlusPremier510212
Horizon 4 & Horizon 4 PlusPremier4819
Horizon 3 & Horizon 3 PlusPremier3617
Horizon 2 & Horizon 2 PlusPremier2415
Horizon 1 & Horizon 1 PlusPremier2235

Boats for large families and groups of friends

Vision 3 Deckplan

Very large boats with massive sundecks for al fresco dining and sunbathing. A large saloon and kitchen at the front. Cabins are clustered at the rear, but are large and have good-sized en-suite bathrooms.

Example boat deck plan: Vision 3

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
Vision 4 & Vision 4SLComfort plus icon 4819
Vision 3 & Vision 3SLComfort plus icon 361 adult & 2 children9
Vision 2Comfort plus icon 2426

Boats for two groups of friends who would like a little more privacy

Mystique Deckplan

Cabin(s) at the rear and front of the boat, divided with saloon and kitchen areas in the middle. Sundecks have tables for al fresco dining.

Example boat deck plan: Mystique

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
MystiqueComfort plus icon 3628
Royal Mystique A & Royal Mystique BComfort plus icon 2426

Boats for families with slightly younger children

Calypso deckplan

Saloon and kitchen areas at the front of which open to a high-sided seating area. Sundecks have tables for al fresco dining.

Example boat deck plan: Calypso

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
Salsa BComfort48412
Salsa AComfort48210

Boats for families with teenage children

Elegance deckplan

Saloon and kitchen at rear and the cabins are clustered together at the front. It's quite a steep climb up to the small sundecks, which have seating, but no tables.

Example boat deck plan: Elegance

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)

Boats for large groups of adults or two small families

Magnifique Deckplan

Cabins are located at the front and rear, with saloon and kitchen areas in the middle, affording a little privacy to each end of these boats. Other features and category ratings vary.

Example boat deck plan: Magnifique

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
Grand ClassiqueBoat classification budget510212
Classique StarComfort48210
Minuetto 8+Comfort plus icon 48210
ClassiqueBoat classification budget4808
Shannon StarBoat classification budget3628
Minuetto 6+Comfort3628

Boats for small groups of adults or an extended family (e.g. with grandparents)

Clipper Deckplan

Cabins are located at the front and read, with saloon and kitchen areas in the middle, affording a little privacy to each end of these boats. Other features and category ratings may vary.

Example boat deck plan: Clipper

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
ContinentaleBoat classification budget3606
CountessBoat classification budget2426
CrusaderBoat classification budget3606
Lake StarBoat classification budget2426
ClassiqueBoat classification budget4808
Royal ClassiqueComfort3606
Corvette A & Corvette BBoat classification budget2404

Boats for couples or small families

Cirrus B deckplan

Our smallest boats in a variety of layouts, but the little ones are close by night.

Example boat deck plan: Cirrus B

Boat typeCategoryCabinsSleeps (in beds)Sleeps (in saloon)Sleeps (total)
Mountain StarBoat classification budget2415
ShebaBoat classification budget1325
Cirrus A & Cirrus BBoat classification budget1224
Capri TSBoat classification budget1213
Town StarBoat classification budget1213

The top 4 considerations to take into account when choosing a boat

1. How many of you are there?

How big is your party size and what sleeping arrangements are required? Most boats will accommodate more passengers with a convertible settee in the saloon area - if you’d rather all be in cabins, then look at the number of cabins the boat has. Most cabins can sleep 2 passengers and many of them can convert between double and twin bed configurations.

Top tip from Chrisna Nesbitt, Sales Agent (South Africa):

Some people choose a boat that has one more cabin than they need for sleeping, to give them space to store bags and clothes. And it means the boats living quarters is often more roomy for those on board.

2. Who are you boating with?

You may wish to have a bit more privacy with cabins at either end of the boat and the saloon/ kitchen in the middle or prefer the cabins to be closer together. The number of bathrooms and whether they are en-suite might also be important to you. Check out the deck plans we provide for all our boats and make sure the layout works for you and your party.

Top tip from Whitney Botha, Sales Agent (UK):

Our Tango, Calypso or Salsa boats are a really popular choice for families with slightly younger children. The saloon is at the front which opens out onto a high-sided seating area right at the bow of the boat – the kids love to see where they’re going while playing inside and parents find this a nice way to keep the younger one a little more contained.

3. What’s your budget?

We’ve given each of our boats a category rating to help you here:

  • Premium - our newest and very best boats.
  • Comfort Plus - slightly older than our Premier boats, but still relatively new and come with top-notch features such as barbecue hotplates on the sundeck (except Minuetto 8+ in Italy) and air conditioning.
  • Comfort - good quality and well equipped boats of varying ages, designs and styles.
  • Budget - our ‘much-loved classics’. These older boats have more traditional décor and the features and fittings are quite basic but they are good value for those on a budget.

4. What else is important to you?

Finally, you might want to consider the features on board, depending on what you consider important. For example, if you’ve never been boating for, then a boat with bow thrusters can make manoeuvring so much easier. If you’re travelling in peak summer, then choosing a boat with air cooling, or a bimini sunshade, might be important for you. You might want a boat with a microwave in the kitchen, or a table on the sundeck to enjoy al-fresco dining.

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